Camping and Villages Nuoro

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The holiday in Nuoro has the strong taste of the Sardinian traditions, here still alive and almost intact. To discover the charm of this beautiful, primitive land is enough to climb on monte Ortobene, where you can embrace with a look its peaks of white limestone, granite gray, reddish volcanic rocks, forests and narrow valleys, which allowed the preservation of the historic, natural, cultural elements, to create a fascinating world poised between past and present.

This is the magic of Nuoro, who managed to preserve the value of the traditional crafts, as well as the taste of fairs and festivals that evoke ancient traditions and customs. In this area the highest expression of the holiday, as regards the sea, can be found in the Baronie, the stretch of coastline that from Marina di Orosei goes up to Posada, where the ancient castle of Fava monitors everything from the top. In the middle, many sandy beaches of rare beauty, as Berchida, Bidderosa, Silita in Cape Comino, with its rolling dunes, and even beaches of Santa Lucia and La Caletta.

I Villaggi:

Ermosa ★★

Ermosa ★★ faitasardegna

Selema Camping ★★★

Selema Camping ★★★ faitasardegna

Cala Ginepro ★★★

Cala Ginepro ★★★ faitasardegna

Porto Sosalinos ★

Porto Sosalinos ★ faitasardegna

Calapineta ★★★

Calapineta ★★★ faitasardegna