Camping and Villages Ogliastra

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It occupies the south east part of the island, from the basin of Flumendosa up to the faces of Gennargentu in a succession of small coves and rocky cliffs coasts, for a spectacular scenery. Wilderness, inaccessible for long stretches, yet to be discovered, still mysterious and, therefore, more attractive. The coast is instead equipped to host an international tourism, with the maximum convenience as it’s equipped with modern accommodations that overlook a sea that made these places famous in the world.

The days here are fully live between sea and trekking, tastings of local products of agriculture and sheep-farming, pecorino cheese and good wine Cannonau to be tasted in the homes of peasants and excursions along the coast. Further on, in the territories of Arbatax, Tortoli and Gairo, you can find white sandy beaches that alternate with red porphyry rocks, granite, or the unusual black beach of Coccorrocci. Ogliastra is all this … and much more!

I Villaggi:

Cavallo Bianco ★★★

Cavallo Bianco ★★★ faitasardegna

Coccorrocci ★★★

Coccorrocci ★★★ faitasardegna

Iscrixedda ★★★

Iscrixedda ★★★ faitasardegna

Orrì ★★★

Orrì ★★★ faitasardegna

Cigno Bianco ★★★

Cigno Bianco ★★★ faitasardegna

Sos Flores ★★★

Sos Flores ★★★ faitasardegna

Telis ★★★★

Telis ★★★★ faitasardegna