Camping and Villages Sassari

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Main city of this region is Sassari, around which opens a generous area for its beauty and charm. For example the Nurra: a flat area that extends, with a thin strip of land, into a sea that is unique for colour and transparencies; here you can visit the village of Stintino, and a little distance, so close that it seems to be able to touch it, there’s the Isle of Asinara. Alghero is just a few kilometres away: its historic centre is one of the most beautiful of Sardinia; prehistoric settlements, like the ones you will discover in the hinterland of Sassari, in addition to an unparalleled coast, make it a destination not to miss.

To the east, passing Sorso and its marina, there’s Castelsardo, other pearl of the island, and little farther more Valledoria, a stretch of beautiful beaches, where the Coghinas River goes into the sea, creating an environment of great beauty and a natural habitat for many species of birds. The inland is interesting from landscape’s point of view, with strong agro-pastoral marks and because of its many testimonies of ancient civilizations, such as the domus de Janas and nuraghi (above all Santu Antine, in the territory of Torralba).

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